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Website created using HTML5/CSS3

CMS, using Concrete 5

Social Networking

Flyers, Brochures, anything print

Craigs List image ads

Need something not listed? Contact Me!
(281) 286-1416

Key Points to Web Design

First impressions are the most important in person, and web design

Optimize load time

Make navigation easy and simple to use

Use the right color combinations

Highlight products and services

Browser compatibility is a must

Use the right font

Use professional graphics

Avoid sounds and music

Stuff I Know

Adobe Creative Suite: CS3, CS4

Basic Search Engine Optimization


jQuery (love jQuery!)


Video Editing


I also offer Social Networking to many of my clients. If you are too busy to do your own social networking, why not let me do it for you?! Ask me about your social networking needs! Don't see a service listed here that you need? Contact me and we can talk about it!

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